Enter/Manage Feed Mixers

  1. From the main menu, select “Manage” and then select “Mixers”.
  1. Press  "+" to create a new Mixer. 
  1. Mixer name: 
    • Enter the mixer name name. This will be displayed if you use the TST7600 feed management display or FEED app.
  2. Display model:
    • Select the display model on your feed mixer from the drop-down menu.
  3. Status:
    • Select, from the status drop down menu, if a mixer is:
      • Active (mixer can receive loads) 
      • Verify (check mixer before receiving loads)
      • In service (mixer cannot receive loads)
      • Not inuse (mixer cannot be selected in the "load mixer"screen)
  4. Display Name:
    • Enter a, max six character long, abbreviation of the mixer name. The "Display Name" field will only show if you select 361, 3610, 4610 or 7600 for display type.
  5. Show legacy devices:
    • If you check this box, you will also see the older display models in the drop down menu (2)
    • Selecting any of the legacy devices will also activate the "Display Name" field. 
  6. Load size:
    • Enter the capacity of your mixer in cubic meter or feet. 
  7. Scale number:
    • Enter the scale number in case of wireless communication. The scale number in TAP FEED should be the same as setup in the display
  8. Communication settings:
    • Depending on the display model selected (2), the communication settings supported by the display model can be setup here
  9. Save Mixer
    • Save the mixer. The mixer will be added to the window on the left

Activate data transfer option:

  • Depending on the display type you have selected, you will be instructed to install the "TAP FEED agent" or mobile app.

Install TAP FEED agent:

  • The TAP FEED AGENT  is required in order to send loads and upload results using TAP Feed with USB and wireless communication.
  1. Select the mixer you want to setup
  2. If the display on this mixer uses USB, the " DOWNLOAD TAP FEED AGENT" button will show. Click to download the "Installer Zip" file.
  1. Unzip and run the installation program: "TAPFeedAgentSetup.exe"
    • Select the language the Setup will use during the setup.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and accept default settings to complete the setup.

  1. Enter "E-mail" which is used to log in into your TAP account
  2. Enter "Password" which is used to log in into your TAP account (if this an update / reinstall scenario, the last step will not be shown).

Mobile FEED app:

  1. When you select a mixer that requires the FEED app, the system will instruct you to download the FEED app from the Google play or Apple store.
  2. Install the FEED app on your mobile device. Loads assigned to this mixer will now automatically sync with the FEED app.

Additional functionlity:

  1. Click to edit or delete a feed mixer.

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