Enter/Manage Feed Pens

Instruction video:
  • From the main menu, select “Feed Pens”. The screen below will show.
  1. Press “+” to create a new pen. A new screen will show. Start by filling in the section below.

  1. Pen Name:
    • Enter a name for the new pen. This name will be displayed if you use a TST7600 feed management display or the FEED app.
  2. Display Name:
    • Enter a, max six character long, abbreviation of the pen name. This will be displayed if you use a TMR3610 or TMR4610 display.
  3. Pen Type:
    • Select a pen type from the drop-down menu. This allows easy filtering on pen type.
  4. Add Pen Type:
    • Click “+” if you want to add a customized pen type.
  5. Daily requirement:
    • The daily requirement is the daily amount to feed to this pen. This is based on the required weight per animal (defined by the selected recipe) times the number of animals in this pen. Default this is set to 100%
  6. Headcount:
    • Total number of animals in this pen
In use:
Editing a pen after it has been created will have the "In use" option. Select if the pen is in use. If set to “OFF” the pen will not show in the load list.

Assign a recipe to a pen:

  1. From the “Recipe” list on the right, select which recipe you want to feed to this pen. Add the desired recipe to the feeding list by clicking the “+”, next to the recipe, or by dragging and dropping it. Based on the head count and daily requirement the system will automatically calculate the total amount for this feeding.
  1. In the feeding list, click “Split” to divide the feeding in two equal loads. By changing the “feeding factor” % you can manually adjust the deviation per feeding. You can enter up to nine feedings per day.
  2. Change the feeding order for a pen as desired by dragging and dropping a feeding to the preferred feeding period. Per pen there are max nine feedings available. 
  3. Click “Save Pen” to save the changes.
  4. In the feeding list you can click “Remove” to remove a feeding.

Additional functions:

  1. Filter the pen list by type. Select, from the drop down menu, which pens you want to see.
  2. When this box is checked, pens that are set to "Not in use" will not show. 
  3. Click "Download List" to download a list with all pens (PDF).
  4. Click the three dots next to the pen to edit or delete the pen.

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