Main Menu

This section describes the different features available in the main menu.
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  1. Manage Products:
    • Enter and manage your ingredients, recipes and premixes.
  2. Feed Pens:
    • Enter the feeding pens on your farm and assign recipes and amounts per pen.
  3. Feeding list:
    • Quick, editable overview of all entered loads. Allows easy and fast changes of daily requirements and head counts.
  4. Load Mixers:
    • View and specify how you want to send your loads to the display on the feed mixer.
  5. Refusals:
    • Allows easy entry of refusals
  6. Reports:
    • View available predefined reports or create your own customized report.
  7. Manage:
    • Manage your system settings and operators.
  8. Sharing:
    • Share your feeding data with third party companies like feed advisors or nutritionists. This function allows your contact to view or manage your feeding data and results.

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