Enter/Manage Ingredients

  • From the main menu, select “Manage Products” and then select the “Ingredients” tab. The screen below will show.
  1. Press "+" to create a new ingredient. 
Instruction video:

Creating a new ingredient:
  1. Ingredient name: 
    • Enter the ingredient name. This will be displayed if you use the TST7600 feed management display or FEED app.
  2. Select a type:
    • Select the ingredient type from the drop-down menu. This allows easy filtering on ingredient type when running analysis or reports.
  3. Dry Matter:
    • Enter the dry matter percentage of the ingredient
  4. Display Name:
    • Enter a, max six character long, abbreviation of the ingredient name. This will be displayed if you use a TMR3610 or TMR4610 display. 
  5. Location:
    • Enter the location where the ingredient is stored.
  6. Price:
    • Enter the price of the ingredient in actual weight or dry weight. 
  7. Unit of measurment:
    • Select the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  8. Save Ingredient:
    • Save ingredient
In use: 
  • Editing an ingredient after this has been created will also show the "In use" option. Select if the ingredient is in use. If set to “OFF” the ingredient is not shown on different lists by default. 

Additional functions:

  1. Select, from the drop down menu, which ingredient type you want to filter the list by.
  2. Select, from the drop down menu, how you want to order your ingredient list.
  3. Check the box to hide the ingredients that are set to "Not in use".
  4. Download to ingredient list (PDF)
  5. Click the three dots to, edit, rename or delete an ingredient. 
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