Projected requirements

With INVENTORY – PROJECTED REQUIREMENTS you can work out how much of each ingredient you will need for the selected period. This can be calculated by what you used the last 7 days or what you plan to feed in the calculated recipes. Inventory is only available when the ADD-ON TAP FEED INVENTORY is active. The ADD-ON TAP FEED INVENTORY can be activated through TAP MARKET.
  1. 'Search’ allows to do a quick filter based on ingredient description
  2. The 'Last updated' is the date that the last feed data was received from the mixer. If data has not been received from mixer, calculated values and current inventory may be incorrect. For accurate results, all feeding data must be processed. If this date is more then 3 days back, an exclamation mark is shown and hovering over will show info 'Please check if all feeding data is processed'.
  3. This report shows how much of each ingredient you will need for the selected period. The start date is defaulted to tomorrow and cannot be changed. The amount are calculated based on the 'End date' which by default is set to 'tomorrow + 14 days'.
  4. Through properties it is possible to make changes and apply filters. Here you can set if the projected requirements should be calculated on ‘planned daily usage’ or ‘actual daily usage’. For ‘planned daily usage’ the scheduled feedings are used and for ‘actual daily usage’ the feeding data of the last 7 days is used.
  5. If you have applied a filter to the report, you may save this filter as a preset to be easily called upon later.
  6. Once a preset is created, you can select a preset through this button and also edit the preset if needed
  7. The Inventory Overview can be downloaded as PDF, XLS or XLSX
  8. Planned daily usage: ingredients required for scheduled loads (refers to LOAD MIXERS total ingredient requirement)
  9. Actual daily usage: Based on the previous 7 day average of what you actually used of that ingredient. 
  10. Projected requirements: You will know what the projected requirements for that ingredient will be for the time frame you have chosen (your end date). You can choose if this is calculated based on ‘planned daily usage’ or ‘actual daily usage’.
  11. Additional inventory needed: Calculated by taking the current stock (positive) and adding the projected requirements for that ingredient.  Allows you to see how much you will need of that ingredient for the specific time frame you have chosen and allows you to order new stock accordingly.
  12. Price per unit
  13. Projected costs: This is calculated by taking the ingredient price and multiplying it by projected requirements.
  14. When ‘order control’ is active for an ingredient, an order status button is displayed. When no alerts are set for the ingredient, the ‘order button’ will remain gray. When there are alerts setup, the button will turn either red, orange or green, depending on the status of the inventory of that ingredient. The button will change to ‘Receive’, when the ingredient has already been ordered but not yet received and the color will turn blue.
  15. At end of each ingredient line a pencil is available to go the specific ingredient on the inventory tab.
  16. The total amounts are given for the different columns 
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