Recipe transition

Recipe transition is an optional feature that enables you to dynamically calculate recipes based on days on recipe. This can be used for both feedlot as dairy farms.
Recipe transition can be used for growing animals but also for a gradual transition of certain ingredients. 
The principle of recipe transition entails a specific feed curve based on the days on recipe of the pen that is fed. By indicating the amount to be fed on certain days, the system calculates the corresponding amounts between the set days (linear interpolation). 
When using recipe transition, it is important that data is send to the mixer daily. This is necessary as amounts will change daily.
Recipe transition

With the ‘+’ button you can add days to a recipe to enable recipe transition in a certain recipe. Adding additional days, can also be done through the ‘+’ button with a maximum of 99 transitions and to a maximum of 999 days. Adding an extra transition will copy the recipe composition of the previous transition day and changes can be made once added.
When a day needs to be changed, the ‘pencil’ button can be used. Removing a day, can be done by using the ‘trash bin’. 

The feeding curve that is setup can also be shown in a graph by using the ‘graph’ button:
Recipe transition: Graph

1. To return from the graph to the grid with the recipe details, use the button with the nine squares
2. The weight of the actual load are presented on the vertical axis
3. The transition days are presented on the horizontal axis
4. In the legend, all ingredients used in the recipe are shown. With the tick boxes, you can choose which ingredients should be displayed in the graph
5. Hovering over different area’s in the graph, will give you the information about the recipe that will be fed at that number of days on recipe.

Once the recipe is saved and the graph used to view the transitions, it is also possible to view the pens that are within the transition period by ticking the ‘Show pens on recipe’ below the ingredients legend. Hovering over the pen will show the pen, the number of days on ration and the feeding period this is scheduled.
Recipe transition: pen indication

When a recipe with recipe transition is added to a pen, an extra column is added to add the ‘days on recipe’.
Recipe transition: Days on recipe

1. The days on recipe will determine which composition of the recipe will be fed based on the feeding curve entered. It is important to set this correct number of Days on ration when scheduling a recipe.

Under the [MANAGE][SETTINGS][OTHER SETTINGS] area the ‘Minimum load to send to mixer’ can be used to prevent too small amounts to be send to the mixer. This can happen when ingredients are gradually phased out.
Settings: Minimum load

1. The minimum weight to send to indicator can ben entered and saved here. When data is send to the mixer, it will take this weight into account. With a minimum weight set to a value high than zero, the ingredients that have a call weight less than the set value will not be send to the mixer. Exceptions are applied for mineral and medication type ingredients, even if the call weight is less than the set minimum! Important, this setting will also be applied to loads without a recipe transition involved.

Load mixers
Pens that have recipe transition are send to the mixer in the same way as default recipes.
Recipe transition and load mixers

1. In the example above, the 3 pens ‘GROWING’, ‘GROW2’ and ‘MILKING’ all receive the same recipe ‘Growing’. Because the DOR (Days On Recipe) differ between the 3 pens, the loads cannot be combined.
If you want to combine pens, it is important that the DOR is equal for all pens

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