The transactions area shows all inventory transactions over the selected period. Through the ORDERS area this is through the Order – Receive protocol, but the ‘New delivery’ button in the TRANSACTIONS area will allow you to skip the order entry and directly complete the received amount of the product. This gives flexibility to choose which option to use.
1.       It is possible to apply a quick filter on ‘Order #’, ‘Reference #’ and ‘Invoice #’. 
2.       This is the time range used to show the transactions. This is based on the date received.
3.       When a product is delivered and this is not though an order process, ‘New delivery’ can be used to directly enter this. The details regarding the ‘New delivery’ will be given later on.
4.       The report with transaction can be downloaded using this button. This can be downloaded to either PDF, XLS or XLSX.
5.       Using properties it is possible to change your filters and how the data should be shown by default. 
6.       Each transaction is given with a row and the details of the order and receive are provided. To distinguish the transactions, different icons are displayed in front of the rows.
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7.       When a note has been entered with an ingredient, the icon is displayed and hovering over will show the entered information.
8.       It is possible to edit a transaction. This can be to correct an incorrect entry, or to supplement (correct) data afterwards. 
9.       With ‘order receive’ transactions you can find an undo button and the ‘direct receive’ transactions a delete button. The undo will remove the ingredient transaction and place it back to the order again where it can be either received, edited or removed from the order. The delete with a ‘direct receive’ will completely remove the transaction. For both the ‘undo’ and the ‘delete’ a warning is given and here you can set if the amount has to be subtracted from the inventory based on this action. If this correction should not subtract the amount, make sure to untick this option before confirming with ‘YES’.
Edit transaction
When a transaction is edited, the original inventory and price changes are given and at the bottom the changes based on the input will be given. 
By default the option to adjust the inventory is ticked, but if this should not happen, make sure to untick. 
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