Locked feedings

Locked feedings can be used when a set delivery amount is needed in a pen feeding. A common example of this is a consistent early morning delivery to multiple pens. To make this load consistent and repeatable, each pen will receive the same required amount every day in their first delivery. The second or third delivery to each pen will reflect any adjustments to head counts or daily requirements.
*Note – Locked feedings will lock the ‘Actual Weight’ delivered. The feeding % and dry weight of the locked feeding will adjust to maintain the required actual weight. ‘Headcount’, ‘Daily Requirement’ and ‘Dry Matter %’ changes will only affect the feedings that are unlocked. If multiple feedings are unlocked, the adjustments will be proportionate to the ratio of the unlocked feedings.
How to use locked feedings
The option to use locked feedings is deactivated by default and will need be activated through the settings before use.
1.       Locked feedings can be activated through [Manage][Settings][Other settings]. Hovering over the ‘i’ shows additional information on the consequences of locked feedings
2.       Using the ‘SAVE’ button will activate the use of locked feedings
When the setting is active, “lock” icons will appear next to the actual call weight in the pen feedings.
Locked_Feedings_Locks.png 101.78 KB
In the example above, the pen ‘Cows 1’ need to receive 2.000 kg in the first feeding. To achieve this, the feeding needs to be locked by using the ‘lock’ icon. Changes in headcount or in daily requirement will only affect feeding 2. 
Any number of feedings can be locked and fed call weight changes will only apply to unlocked feedings. 
1.       After locking a feeding, the locked feeding icon changes to orange
2.       While locked, changes cannot be made to any value within the locked feeding. To make changes, click on the ‘lock’ icon again to unlock the feeding
3.       To maintain nutritional requirements, only the locked recipe can be used when one of more feedings are locked. When the lock is active, the recipe list will reduce to only show one recipe available for additional feedings
4.       Feedings that remain unlocked will adjust to changes within TAP FEED
5.       After a feeding is locked, the changes to the feedings must be saved. After saving, the Daily Requirements and Headcounts will become adjustable again.
Feeding list with locked feedings
1.       When a feeding or multiple feedings are locked, the feeding factor percentage of those feedings cannot be changed on the feeding list
2.       Changing headcount, daily requirement or actual weight on the feeding list will only influence the unlocked feeding
1.       Because of changes in headcount, daily requirement or actual weight of a pen, the actual weight can drop down the set locked feeding(s) amount.
2.       When the actual weight for the pen drops below the value set for the locked feeding(s), the unlocked feeding(s) may have a negative percentage. The actual weight will always be the minimum amount set by the locked feeding(s)
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