Order ingredients

The ORDER INGREDIETNS in the section INVENTORY enables you to order and complete the order process of ingredients. Inventory is only available when the ADD-ON TAP FEED INVENTORY is active. The ADD-ON TAP FEED INVENTORY can be activated through TAP MARKET.
Ingredient order control setting
The ‘Ingredient order control’ setting which is available with MANAGE PRODUCTS – INGREDIENTS  on tab ‘Inventory’ is used for the ingredient ordering process. Only ingredients that have the ‘Ingredient order control’ option turned ON, will be shown in the list of ingredients to add to an order. This setting is also used to show the ORDER/RECEIVE button on the INVENTORY – OVERVIEW and INVENTORY – PROJECTED REQUIREMENTS areas. 
1.       To enable the order option for an ingredient, the setting ‘Ingredient order control’ needs to be activated. 
2.       After activating, you need to save the ingredient
Order ingredients
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To create a new order, go to INVENTORY - ORDER INGREDIENTS and press on the ‘+’ button. 
1.       Order # is an auto generated number to differentiate between different orders
2.       The order date is the moment the order is created and cannot be edited
3.       A supplier should be selected. If the supplier is not in the list, use the ‘+’ button to add a new supplier
4.       Reference # can be used to assign a unique number to the order, like the order number received from the supplier for example
5.       Ingredients with ‘order control’ active are shown in this list. Using the ‘+’ button behind an ingredient will add the ingredient to the order. Multiple ingredients can be added to one single order.
6.       When an ingredient is not yet shown in the list, the ‘Add new ingredient’ button can be used. 
1.       Use the ‘+’ to add the ingredients to the order
2.       Add the amount that was ordered
3.       Enter the price of the ingredient per unit 
4.       Enter when the ordered ingredient is planned to be delivered
5.       If you want to add additional notes, you can use this button
6.       If you want to delete an ingredient from the order, you can use the trash can icon
7.       To save the order, press on ‘Save order’
Options once order has been created
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1.       Using the 3 dots with on order will give the option to edit the order and only when the order does not have a received item, to delete the order. 
2.       Using the download button the selected order will be downloaded as PDF.
3.       Edit order will allow you to make changes to the order
4.       The ‘Receive’ button is used to confirm the delivered ingredient and add the correct amount to the inventory.
5.       If the supplier that is selected with an order has an email address entered, the order can be e-mailed directly. To add an e-mail address to a supplier, you can do this through ‘Manage’ – ‘Contacts’ and edit the contact.
Receive ingredients
1.       The ‘Reference #’ will be pre-filled if this was already entered creating the order. This can be entered/changed here and will be saved with the order in general.
2.       The ‘Invoice #’ is saved per ingredient on an order. 
3.       Enter the actual delivered amount of the product.
4.       Change price of delivered ingredient if different than price entered into order. As soon as this is changed, the ‘New price date’ (6) will be set to the deliver date. 
5.       This is the date the ingredient was delivered.
6.       This is the date the price is applied. If the price of the delivered ingredient has not changed, the date of the last price change is shown here. If the price is changed, this date defaults to the delivery date and can be adjusted. It is also possible to enter a future date here if the new stock will not be used immediately. These prices and dates can be adjusted via 'Manage' - 'Data tools' - 'Ingredient prices' if necessary.
7.       It is possible to add or edit the notes for an ingredient. This information can be viewed afterwards with the ingredient(s) on the ‘Inventory’ – ‘Transactions’ area.
8.       If the delivered amount is lower than the ordered amount, it is possible to tick 'Partial delivery'. 
9.       If the setting 'Adjust actual weight inventory on dry matter % change' is set to 'ON' for the ingredient, the option becomes available to enter the dry matter percentage of the received product.
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The current dry matter percentage of the ingredient is displayed here and it is possible to change it if the dry matter percentage of the delivered product deviates from the dry matter percentage that is currently applied. Adjusting the dry matter percentage has the effect that the actual received amount and price will be adjusted to match the current dry matter % and price. This is to ensure the correct amount of dry stock is received to inventory at the correct price.
Partial delivery
If the delivered amount is lower than the ordered amount, it is possible to tick 'Partial delivery'. If this option is checked, the ordered amount will be set equal to the delivered amount for this receive and the difference between the ordered and delivered amount will be added as a new line to the order. This new line can be used to confirm a back order. 
1.       This partial delivery has the received amount given and the ordered amount has been changed.
2.       The remaining amount has been added to the order again and can be received once this is delivered.
For ingredients that have ‘Shrinkage’ active and this is set to he option ‘When received’ as show in the example below, this shrinkage is applied while performing the actual receive.
Shrinkage_Ingredient.png 168.55 KB
This correction will be shown like this:
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