Refusal ingredient

Refusal ingredient
With TAP FEED Pro subscription active the ingredient type ‘refusal’ is available.
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When refusal of different pens is used again to feed other pens of animals, an ingredient can be created that has the ingredient type ‘refusal’. This enables you to feed the ingredient to the pens and to assign pens to the ingredient where the refusal ingredient comes from.

1.       To create a refusal ingredient, select the ingredient type ‘refusal’
2.       The price of the refusal ingredient 
3.       When the ingredient type ‘refusal’ is selected, an extra area appears where the pen(s) can be selected from where the refusal ingredient comes from
4.       The Dry matter of the recipe linked to the pen is shown here. You can change the dry matter of the ingredient to be the same or change it to another value
5.       For the calculation of Dry Matter Intake, you need to indicate if the registered refusal amount should be subtracted from the 'previous delivery', 'two deliveries ago' or from 'previous day'. The default can be changed through Manage – Settings. When the data is received from the mixer, it will automatically be linked to the correct load(s). For more details, please see Refusal registration.
For this it is important to keep in mind when the refusal ingredient is loaded compared to the linked groups from where the refusal ingredient comes from. When for example the refusals are first pushed aside and in the example above first the milking 1 and milking 2 pens are fed, you want to subtract the refusal amount not from that load but from the one before that. 
6.       With the plus button, you can add another pen to link to this refusal ingredient
7.       With the bin you can remove a pen from the refusal ingredient

It is possible to create a refusal ingredient that is not linked to any pen. When this ingredient is applied in a load, the loaded amount of the refusal is registered with refusals, but this will not be subtracted from any load(s). This option can be applied when refusals per pen are recorded in a separate way and to avoid the amounts to be subtracted 2 times.

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1.       The default ‘subtract refusal amount from’ can be changed through the ‘Manage’ and the ‘Settings’ and then ‘Other settings’. This will be the default shown when creating or editing a refusal ingredient, but can be changed manually
2.       Press save to save the changes 
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