Bunk reader (Feedlot specific)

The bunk reader can be found in [FEED PENS] and then the tab [BUNK READER]. The bunk scores can be assigned to the different feed pens through this menu. 
With the bunk reader, the user can enter bunk scores (amount of food left per group). Loads will be automatically updated based on the bunk score entries and the associated settings.
Using TAB on the keyboard will cycle between Score, Save & Next and Next. Using ENTER will confirm the selected button.
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1.       On the left hand side, the pens are displayed. The order shown here, is determined by the settings under [MANAGE][SETTINGS][Bunk reader pen order]. This order can be adapted to match the drive order, to make data entry easier. 
The date and time behind each group, indicates the last entered bunk score. If there is no bunk score present for the pen, a ‘-‘ is displayed
2.       Once a pen is selected, the right hand side of the screen shows bunk reader related data of that pen. The Time range is by default set to the last 14 days. The time range can be edited to show more or less days.
General data of the pen is displayed, such as the current feed intake, the number of animals and the current recipe the pen is on. 
The recent transfers are listed in this part of the screen as well. 
Bunk readers notes can also be viewed, created, edited and deleted through this overview. Notes of the last 7 days are shown by default
3.       On the far right, the ‘Pen feeding and bunk reader history’ is shown. By default, the last 7 days are presented. 
The different deliveries and bunk scores are shown here, with additional information such as number of animals, call weight, delivered weight and the deviation for the ‘Pen feeding information’. Historic bunk reader scores are shown as well
4.       On the left bottom of the ‘Bunk reader history’ is shown in a graph. The green line indicates the daily intake of the animals and by default the last 7 days are presented. The blue bar indicates the entered bunk score of that specific date. 
On the right side of the ‘Bunk reader history’, information of the last 24 hours delivered feed is shown. The deviation between call weight and delivered weight is presented as well
5.       On the far right bottom side, the bunk score entry is shown. The current daily requirement is shown and the new daily requirement based on the entered bunk reader score is calculated. For actual weight, actual weight per animal and dry weight per animal the same applies. 
The Daily requirement and the actual weight can be edited. Once one of these items is edited, the bunk score cannot be changed anymore.
The bunk score is shown on the right hand side. If available, the app score is shown with the last registered score. This score can be confirmed or can be changed to another score by using the drop down list. The available bunk scores can be set through [MANAGE][SETTINGS][Bunk reader score settings]
6.       When changes are entered, the information can be saved through ‘save & next’. The next pen is automatically selected
The button ‘Next’ will not save any changes but will move to the next pen
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