Closeout history

Once the closeout is complete, the closeout history can be found under [LOTS] [CLOSEOUT HISTORY].
 1.   The completely closed or partially closed lots are listed here. The search box can be used to find specific lots. After selecting a lot, the details will be displayed
2.   Details about the lot regarding customer and number of animals sold is displayed here
3.   The arrival date, average weight and the status are shown here. If only part of the lot is sold, the status will be ‘partially closed’. Once the complete lot is sold, the status will be ‘completely closed’
4.   The closeout date is the transfer date entered with the closeout
5.   The number of cows that was sold on that specific date is displayed here
6.   Average weight out of the different close outs are displayed here
7.   If there were any deaths in the lot, the deaths can be found here. This includes date of death and number of animals
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